Surf Schools

2017 will see the rebuilding and relaunching of our own in-house surf shop, together with surf school and hire facility. Right back since 1948, EL Tico has offered boards for "surf riding" as they used to call it, but we are super excited to be investing once again and creating The Surfyard, run by Dan Harris. The Surfyard will be lead by Dan, and have a team of experienced, qualified instructors, whose sole aims will be your enjoyment and safety. We will be open from April 2017 and more details will follow soon. But for any enquiries, please contact

We are lucky in the bay with several other Surf Schools to choose from as well...

Jersey Quicksilver Surf School @ Le Braye 01534 484005

Spalsh Surf Centre @ The Waterspalsh 07829 878878

Little Joe's Shop & School @ Big Vern's 01534 483707

We are perfectly positioned in the middle of the bay next to the R.N.L.I. Lifeguard tower, so we can see which is the safest and best part of the bay, at any state of tide.


Michelin Recommended