The Story
so Far

El Tico is the home of one of Jersey's oldest beach cafes and surf centres, originally opened in 1948. The new EL Tico Beach Cantina and Surf Centre is an adventure that started back in 2003 when we introduced ourselves to the owner of the property and said we had an idea...

Staff with jimmy and 'El Tico" (dog)

In October 2004 we sketched our ideas out on a piece of paper and realised we shared a common vision in re-building EL Tico and re-establishing it as Jersey's premier beach cafe, surf shop, school and hire facility. We shook hands and the adventure began.

Award winning Architect Richard Le Sueur was appointed and tasked with creating an iconic building that would fit seemlessly into it's environment and feel like it had been there forever.

After a protracted, and at times, painful Planning and construction process we opened for business to a fantastic reception on 1st July 2009. EL Tico was back and we recieved incredable support. The ultimate accolade to prove that Richard and his team had met their design brief, was that in the autumn of 2009, the National Trust for Jersey described the building as an example of how coastal development should be. We also picked up an award at the Jersey Architecture awards 2011.

EL Tico continues to receive amazing support from locals and visitors alike, with a whole new generation of "grommets" learning their sport in the waves below, guided by our in-house surf school, whilst their families enjoy some great food or a chilled glass of something good.

Michelin Recommended